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  • Chhattisgarh; 16 Aldermen Were Changed In 9 Cities Including Rajnandgaon Municipal Corporation, 44 New Aldermen Appointed Across The State

Raipur4 minutes ago

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Before the start of the election exercise in three municipal corporations and other urban bodies, the government has started an exercise to satisfy the Congress leaders. 44 new aldermen have been appointed in the urban bodies across the state. At the same time, 16 old aldermen in 9 cities have been removed and new leaders have been appointed in their place.

Urban Administration and Development Department today issued two orders related to the appointment of aldermen. By the first order, Pratima Banjare has been appointed in place of Rajnandgaon Municipal Corporation alderman KL Baria and Rajendra Vyas has been appointed in place of Narayan Yadav. By this order Vinay Chopra has been appointed in place of Sheetal Dubey in Mungeli Municipality, Devdutt Sahu in place of Kusumlata Rajwade in Surajpur, Goldie Panjwani in place of Vimlesh Kedia in Bilha, Rajkumar Raj in place of Baisakhu Marko. Chhanu in Chura Nagar Panchayat

Lokeshwar Verma has been appointed in place of Sinha, Salim Memon in place of Pitambar Satnami, Lokeshwar Verma in place of Shubhadra Dhruv, Sandeep in place of Chhanu Lal Sinha. Amkareshwar Rathore in place of Savita Giri, Sushil Soni in place of Harmesh Chavda, Mukesh Ramteke in place of Lata Yadav in Gariaband Municipality. Similarly, Tarachand Meghwani has been appointed in place of Ganesh Gupta in Rajim Nagar Panchayat. Dogar Singh Markam has been appointed in place of Prabha Jain in Fingeshwar and Bina Sharma has been appointed in place of Rajesh Verma in Vishrampur. Earlier aldermen were appointed in 2019 and 2020.

New appointments made in these cities

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