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Food delivery company Swiggy found it costly to charge Rs 4.50 extra in the name of GST from the consumer. The consumer forum has imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the company instead of Rs 4.50. In fact, on August 4, 2018, Abhishek Garg of Sector-2 had ordered three small bottles of garlic stick cold drink and cold drink through the app of the food delivery company.

After giving a discount of Rs 46.80 out of the total amount of Rs 234, Rs 197 was charged from the consumer. In which 5 percent GST was charged from the consumer at Rs 4.50. The consumer talked to the food delivery company and the restaurant and asked them to refund the GST charge but no one listened to the consumer. After which the consumer complained about the matter in the consumer forum. The bench of Forum President Satpal, members Dr. Pawan Kumar Saini and Dr. Sushma Garg gave the verdict in the matter.

what the company has to say

Food delivery company Bundle Technology Private Limited (known as Swiggy) said in its argument that the company sells goods from restaurants to consumers through its app and the responsibility of the goods is with the restaurant. The company is solely responsible for the delivery of the food product.

The company neither manufactures nor sells goods. The company collects the bill issued by the restaurant from the consumer, in which the tax is levied by the restaurant. The company has no role in this. In such a situation, the company pleaded for dismissal of the complaint against him.

The Consumer Forum in its decision imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the food delivery company Swiggy. The forum asked the company to refund Rs 4.50 taken from the consumer along with 9 per cent interest. Apart from this, for the mental, physical discomfort caused to the consumer and the amount of litigation, it was decided to pay 10 thousand rupees to him. Apart from this, he asked to deposit Rs 10,000 in the Chandigarh bank account of Haryana State Council for Child Welfare.

no fault of the restaurant

The Consumer Forum, in its decision, said that the food items and cold drinks were given to the food delivery company for delivery on behalf of La Pinoz Pizza. No question was raised by the consumer on the quality of the food and beverage products of the restaurant. Because of which the restaurant is taken out of this case.

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