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Haryana Parent Ekta Manch complained about the arbitrariness of the schools.

  • Schools asking for fees in funds like advance tuition fees, transport, annual charges, development etc.

As soon as the school opens, private schools have started asking for the previous and next advance fees. Regarding which the parent association has complained to the Fee and Fund Regulatory Committee (FFRC). Haryana Parent Ekta Manch has accused the school managers that as soon as the school opens, they are demanding fees from the parents in the previous fees as well as advance tuition fees of July, August, September, transport, annual charges, development etc. Due to this, the Forum has asked the Chairman FFRC cum Divisional Commissioner Gurgaon to exercise the powers given to them to get the accounts of all the private schools in the district checked for the last 5 years. So that it can be known whether the school is in loss or profit. How much reserve and surplus fund do they have?

Manch State General Secretary Kailash Sharma has said that the school operators have opened the schools by putting pressure on the Haryana government only to collect arbitrary fees. Parents are paying tuition fees on monthly basis without increasing and are ready to pay even further but school managers are also asking for fees in funds like annual charge, transport fee, development fund, IT, exam etc. The second is asking for quarterly fees in advance instead of monthly basis, which is completely illegal. Gurgaon secretary Dilip Gupta said that the managers are taking advantage of the opportunity to open the school to collect arbitrary fees. District Education Officer Indu Bokan said that no separate orders have been issued by the Directorate regarding the fee process in private schools.

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