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  • When The Scooty Refused To Be Given, The Neighbor Set It On Fire, Four Vehicles Were Hit

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A man poured petrol on the car of Suresh Krishna Sevre, a resident of Amroli Kosad residence and manager of the diamond factory and set it on fire. Police has registered a complaint in this matter. According to the information, Suresh had refused to give scooty to his neighbor a week ago.

The neighbor had asked for a scooty to go out. After refusing, in anger, he set the scooty on fire by pouring petrol 3 days ago. Due to this, two auto rickshaws, a bike and a scooty were also hit in the vicinity. This incident happened in the morning of 6th July. A fire brigade was also called to douse the fire.

On the other hand, a youth living in the neighborhood saw the accused Manoj Patil running at the time of the incident. After this people doubted him. The Amroli police registered a case after hearing the manager’s complaint. Police have arrested the accused Manoj alias Fugga Patil.

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