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Faridabad. Illegal arms supplier caught.

The police have arrested an absconding accused who supplied illegal arms to the accused for the offense of attempt to murder a person. Its name is Amit and he is a resident of Niloni village of Gautam Budh Nagar district of UP. Amit would buy illegal weapons from UP and then supply them to friends. He was produced in court. From where he was sent to jail.

According to the police, in May, on the forehead of Deepak, a resident of Chhayasa village, the accused had beaten and badly injured him by keeping the illegal sacks supplied by Amit. In the complaint given to the police, Deepak told that he knew all the accused and before that he was friends with them. But one day he got into an argument with his main accused Dharmendra over some issue in the party. To avenge this, Dharmendra, along with his four companions Dinesh alias Rocky, Rinku, Prashant and Pawan, entered the house on May 25 and attacked him. The accused had locked the victim’s parents in the room and seriously injured Deepak’s forehead by attacking him with shovel and sticks. Then the accused called the victim’s brother and said that they had killed his brother and threw him. Even if he survives, he will not leave him alive. After the registration of the case, the main accused Dharmendra was arrested on June 8 with illegal country-made pistols. During interrogation, he told that the country-made pistol was provided to him by his partner Amit. After this, the police arrested the accused Dinesh, Rinku and Prashant from Chhayasa.

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