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With the increase in heat, now the incidents of fire are also increasing. On Wednesday, two fire incidents took place in the city. There was no loss of life or property during that time. According to the information, when the fire broke out at Jhuriwala dumping ground around 10.30 am, fire tenders were sent twice to extinguish it at 11 am and 3 pm. Both the times the fire was brought under control after about an hour of effort.

Two fire tenders found the fire under control. Fire broke out in 40 biogas cylinders in Plot No. 292 of Industrial Area Phase-1. A truck full of empty biogas cylinders had come from Barwala for refill in the plot. Gas was being filled in the cylinder. At some height above the truck, the electric wire collided with each other due to the wind and sparked and fell down.

The cylinder caught fire due to sparking. When the fire started, the nozzle of the cylinder opened and the biogas spread in the air. It was fortunate that the tire of the truck had not caught fire, otherwise a major accident could have happened. At 1.55 pm, two fire tenders brought the fire under control.

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