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accused Ravi Ranjan

  • The woman of Baharagora filed a case of sexual abuse against the SI of Birsanagar police station

SI Ravi Ranjan Kumar of Birsanagar police station has been accused of sexual abuse by pretending to marry a woman (23) of Baharagora. A case has been filed on the complaint of the victim in Sakchi Mahila Police Station. The victim alleged – SI had physical relationship in the staff quarter room near Birsanagar police station. Kept together for 6-7 days. Some police personnel of the police station were also aware of this. After doing the case, the police went to the said room on Thursday evening to investigate. The woman alleges that the accused has married for the second time in Samastipur.

SI Ravi was earlier in Baharagora police station. At the same time, friendship happened on social media. The woman is married and has a child. The woman lives in a separate household from her husband. An application has also been made in the court for divorce from the husband. The victim said- In September 2020, I was friends with SI on social media. Later gave the number and started talking. I was living in the maternal house apart from my husband. In September, the SI came home late at night to meet him.

where he had sex. On protesting promised marriage. He said that he will bear my expenses and will get admission in B.Ed. In October 2020, SI was transferred to Birsanagar police station. Despite this, he kept on talking and kept coming to meet me in Baharagora. Forcing her to divorce her husband. Under his delusion, I filed for divorce in the court. The SI took him to visit the Golpahari temple. There, my demand was forcibly filled with vermilion. After Holi, he talked about getting married according to the customs. Kept in room 301 of Madhuban flat in Birsanagar for one and a half months.

CCR DSP said – SI will be arrested if the allegations are true
Got an abortion after giving medicine, sent it from the hospital, the victim said – I got pregnant. The SI got the abortion done by feeding the medicine. Sitting on the bus from the hospital and sent to the maternal home. He did not come to meet him for a long time, so I went to the police station to meet him. He assured that after getting his B.Ed he will get married.

Woman alleges sexual abuse on the pretext of marriage
The woman of Baharagora has accused the SI of Birsanagar police station of sexual exploitation by pretending to be married. A case has been registered in the women’s police station regarding the matter. Will arrest the SI if the allegations are true. -Animesh Gupta, DSP CCR

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