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A family was attacked thrice in a dispute over drain cleaning in Deang village of the district. As the victims kept registering cases, the attackers kept beating them every time. Police have arrested two accused. Whereas before this, three accused have been arrested and sent to jail. Five accused are still absconding. Police is looking for them.

According to the police, in the year 2019, there was a fight between Suresh and Nandkishore’s family of Deang village over some issue of drain cleaning. In this, Nandkishore, along with his 9 companions, attacked Mill Suresh and his family members and seriously injured them. After this, on the complaint of the victim, the police had registered a case against Nandkishore and his associates.

After this, in April 2021, the function was going on at the house of the victim. Where the accused again attacked them and injured them to pressurize them to withdraw the trial. After this, another case was registered against the accused. Enraged by this, the accused attacked the victim Suresh’s brother Nekpal after seeing him going alone on the way after a week. The accused had grievously injured him with rods on both his legs and head.

The accused had also snatched Rs 4000 from the pocket of the nekpal. The aggrieved party filed another case against the accused. A case was registered against 10 accused in this case. It includes the names of Nandkishore, Pratap, Deepak, Sanjeev, Ravi, Golu, Prithvi, Abhishek, Rohit, Sonu and Sahil. Police had arrested two accused Sanjeev and Ravi on 31 May.

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