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  • A Case Of Quarrel Was Going On In The Court In Jalandhar, If He Refused To Resign, He Was Beaten Up With Baseball Sticks At The Bus Stand.

JalandharOne hour ago

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Other youths standing at the bus stand rescued the victim. – symbolic photo

In Jalandhar, an accused beat up a person from the other side with baseball sticks at the bus stand for not agreeing to a dispute in the court. The victim was going to Ludhiana for work at the time of the incident. Other people standing there intervened and rescued him. After this, now the police has registered a case of assault against the accused.

As soon as he came to the bus stand, he started beating, injured by 5-6 blow

Mandeep Singh, a resident of Farwala, told that he works as a laborer. At around 7 in the morning he was standing at the bus stand to go to work in Ludhiana as usual. Meanwhile, Bittu’s boy Ajay, a resident of his village, came there with a baseball. As soon as he arrived, he hit her on the head with a baseball stick. In an attempt to rescue, the stick hit his arm. During this he made about 5-6 blows. Seeing this, some boys going to Ludhiana with him got him freed from the accused. By then the former panchayat member of his village came there. He took her home on his bike. From where he was taken to the hospital.

The accused were putting pressure but did not consider the victim

Mandeep told that his case of fighting with the accused is going on in Phillaur court. These accused want to resign by putting pressure in that case. However, he categorically denied to the accused that he would not resign. That’s why he got beaten up.

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