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In the SRL lab at IGMC, there was a lot of trouble for the attendants to take the test report in the morning. There was SRL Lab with the help of only one employee. The attendants stood in long queues to get the report. During this, a person also made a video of it. In which the Timdars were complaining about the negligence of SRL.

The people said that he was standing in the queue for two hours, but the report was not being received. An employee was placed in it, she was taking test samples. Whereas to give the report, it was being told repeatedly that he should wait for the arrival of other employees. People allege that these problems often occur in the SRL lab in the morning.

MS was also told about this many times, but no action was taken. The attendants allege that the employees came too late to collect the samples, while they kept busy in the queues. He says that even in the afternoon, people face problems in giving test samples and taking reports because there is not enough staff here as much as the IGMC is crowded.

There should be three to four employees to give the report, while one employee is posted here. In such a situation, many times it takes two hours to get the report of the people in the morning. While till then the doctors leave after doing the rounds. There is a demand of the people that the problems coming in SRL Lab should be removed.

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