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Social people offering Eid prayers in Firozpur Jhirka.

The people of the Muslim community celebrated the festival of Eid-ul-Zuha i.e. Bakrid with great pomp on Wednesday. Due to Corona virus, most of the people of the community offered Bakrid prayers in their homes. After offering Namaz, prayers for peace and peace in the country were also sought from Allah that the countrymen should also be relieved from Corona, so that a happy atmosphere can come back in the country. Due to Corona, Jama Masjid located at Sohna Chowk in the district, Idgah Masjid on National Highway, similarly, Bakrid prayers were offered in mosques located in rural areas by a limited number of people following the guidelines issued to protect against Corona. The religious leaders had also urged the people of the community to offer Namaz at their homes following the guidelines issued by the district administration. This time the effect of corona has also been seen on sacrifice. On the other hand, food shops were also decorated around Jama Masjid. The people of the community were seen buying essential goods as per their requirement. The people of the community made and distributed vermicelli etc. in their homes and also congratulated each other. On the other hand, the district administration had also deployed policemen in different areas of the city to maintain peace so that the people of the community do not face any kind of trouble. High officials of the administration were also seen visiting different areas of the city.

On the other hand, in Mewat, people came to offer prayers in limited numbers in the Idgahs due to repeated appeals made by the religious leaders of the Muslim community. After offering Namaz, people headed straight to their homes and celebrated Eid with their families with gaiety. It is to be known that the festival of Eid ul Azha is celebrated about two and a half months after Eid ul Fitr. In view of security, the police were guarded at religious places. Appointed duty magistrates in all divisions.

Mufti Mohammad Ahmed Sakir at Idgah located on Tijara Marg in Firozpur Jhirka and Maulvi Yusuf offered Eid prayers at Idgah on Madapur Road and prayed for peace and complete end of Corona epidemic in the area.

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