Bank Of Baroda Introduces NCMC RuPay Prepaid Card: Check Its Features, Benefits, And More

New Delhi: In a move aligning with the “One Nation, One Card” initiative, Bank of Baroda, a prominent public sector bank in India, has launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) RuPay Reloadable Prepaid Card. This innovative card, equipped with a RuPay Platinum EMV chip, is designed for contactless and hassle-free transactions, catering to various needs such as public transport, ATM cash withdrawals, and online/offline payments.

The NCMC RuPay Platinum card is interoperable and versatile, enabling users to make payments for public transport services like Metro, and it is expected to extend to buses, trains, cabs, ferries, tolls, and parking in the near future. ,Also Read: Invest Only Rs 110 Per Day; Get Three Times Return: Check Out Return Calculator,

Additionally, the card can be utilized for everyday transactions, including ATM cash withdrawals and payments through point-of-sale (POS) machines and e-commerce platforms. ,Also Read: Journey Of Grit, Innovation, And Success: Meet Sameer Gehlot, India’s Youngest Billionaire & Architect Of Rs 34,000 Crore Business Empire,

Both customers and non-customers can easily obtain the card from Bank of Baroda branches, and it is activated instantly for real-time use. The card facilitates both online and offline transactions at NCMC-specific terminals.

It comes with a maximum online wallet balance limit of Rs 1 lakh and a maximum offline wallet balance limit of Rs 2,000 at any given time.

Cardholders can conveniently load or reload money into the online wallet through a dedicated portal provided by the bank. For offline wallet reloading, designated NCMC terminal operators at transit locations will be available.

The NCMC RuPay Reloadable Prepaid Card is widely accepted at all RuPay e-commerce platforms, POS terminals, and ATM machines. Users will receive transaction notifications through SMS on their registered mobile numbers, ensuring transparency and security in their financial transactions.

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