BDR Pharma launches patient-friendly prostrate cancer therapy – Times of India

BDR Pharma has introduced BDENZA ,Enzalutamide), the world’s first oral solution, designed for the management of prostate cancer,
BDENZA will be available at Rs 27,000 for 150mL, in an oral form to reduce the dosing frequency and toxicity associated with the excipients used in marketed formulation, and increase patient compliance, a company statement said.
“The innovative formulation marks a significant step forward in providing an effective dosage form, with lesser side effects in comparison to existing oral dosage forms of Enzalutamide” it added.
The oral solution addresses the challenges faced by patients, offering convenience, reduced side effects, and a palatable sugar-free taste and affordability, it said.
The dose reduction owing to tolerability of the product by patients is an advantage of the oral solution, as the dose regimen can be adjusted based on the volume of consumption. This flexibility is absent in existing oral dosage forms of Enzalutamide.
Prostate cancer is a growing concern, with an estimated 1.2 million new cases diagnosed globally each year and an estimated 375,000 deaths, according to the WHO, Earlier it was the 8th most common cancer in males in the 1990s, but then moved to third place by 2015 in India. In India, a total of 37,416 cases of prostate cancer were reported in 2016. It was projected to increase to over 47,000 cases by 2025.

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