Bengaluru, Hyderabad Airports Top On-Time Performance Chart, In Line With Global Aerodromes: Report

According to a report released by aviation analytics firm – Cirium, of the top 10 airports on the basis of on-time performance, Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport have taken the second and third spots, respectively. Also, the Indian economy carrier – IndiGo, joined the list.

With an OTP of 84.42 per cent, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is at the second spot in the global airports as well as large airports categories. Kempegowda International Airport is at the third position in both the segments with an OTP of 84.08 per cent, Cirium said.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in the US has topped both the lists with an OTP of 84.44 per cent.

In the medium airports category, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in Kolkata is ranked ninth with an OTP of 83.91 per cent. The medium airports category is topped by Osaka International Airport in Japan with an OTP of 90.71 per cent.

India’s largest airline IndiGo has an OTP of 82.12 per cent. It is ranked eighth in the low cost carriers category and is at the fourth spot in the Asia Pacific segment. The low cost carriers segment is topped by South Africa’s Safair with an OTP of 92.36 per cent.

In the Asia Pacific category, Japan’s All Nippon Airways is at the top with an OTP of 82.75 per cent, followed by Japan Airlines (82.58 per cent) and Thai AirAsia (82.52 per cent) at the second and third places, respectively. An on-time flight is defined as a flight that arrives within 15 minutes of the scheduled gate arrival. For an airport, it is defined as departing within 15 minutes of its scheduled departure, as per Cirium.

India is one of the world’s fastest growing civil aviation markets, with rising air passenger traffic and more airports are also coming up. In a release, Cirium said the position of the most on-time global airline went to Avianca Airlines, based in Bogota, Colombia.

There are no Indian carriers in the global category.

A global airport is the one having 25-40 million seats and actual gate departure coverage of 80 per cent or better. Also, such an airport must serve at least three regions, including its own region. Similar are the parameters for the large airports category. Medium airports are those having 15-25 million seats and an actual gate departure coverage of 80 per cent or more.

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