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  • Question: Why Did The MLAs Meet The High Command And Demand To Make You The State President?, Hooda: Why Would I Become The State President? They Should Know The Demand Of MLAs, I Did Not Tell Anyone To Make Me State President

New Delhi/Haryana4 hours ago

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Former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

  • On the discussion of the organization’s work getting stuck due to non-giving names of three districts, said – this is a lie, my whole state, 3 districts do not mean

Amidst the mobilization of pro-Hooda MLAs against state president Kumari Selja in Haryana Congress, former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has claimed that he does not want to leave the post of Leader of Opposition and become the state president. Also, he will not participate in the demonstrations of Congress against inflation in the state. Because, after Corona, doctors have forbidden him to leave the house till the 30th. Rajesh Khokhar of Bhaskar had a special conversation with Hooda on the split and other issues in the state Congress. Here are selected excerpts…

Q. What is the reason for not forming an organization of Congress in the state for 7 years? What initiative have you taken in this direction?
A. There should be a strong organization in the state. I have said this many times. But organization is not my job. The organization is not formed in many states, but should be. If the organization is strong, only then will the party be stronger on the ground.

Q. It is discussed that you have not given names for three districts, so the work of the organization is hanging.
A. No, it’s all a lie. What do you mean by three districts? The entire state is mine, so there is no point in naming three districts.

Q. Why did your supporting MLAs meet the high command and demand to make you the state president?
A. Why would I become the state president? If this were to happen, why would I become a CLP leader? Only they would know what the MLAs demanded inside. I did not ask anyone to make me the state president. We have been talking only of strong leadership and still do. There is a difference between leadership and president. Strong leadership is not only a state president.

Q. But the split in the Congress has come to the fore. Everyone has their own teams. What would you say on this?
A. There is no division in the party. Everyone keeps their word. The method may be different. There is no split anywhere.

Q. In protest against inflation, Congress has held demonstrations across the state. What are your preparations for this?
A. Due to corona, the doctor has forbidden me to go out till the 30th. That’s why I won’t be there. There will be workers. Demonstration against inflation.

Q. What do you think, the ruling coalition will last 5 years or are preparing for mid-term elections.
A. It is an alliance of selfishness. Till the day selfishness continues to be proved, it will continue. Otherwise it will break. When it comes to elections, they are always ready for that.

Q. How do you see the management of the government in Corona?
A. The government got a chance during the first wave, but they could not manage it completely. So there was an outcry in the second wave. Many times more people died than the number of deaths the government is telling. The government is hiding the figures. Financial help should be given to the dependents of those who died of corona.

Q. How do you see this tenure of the government?
A. Whether it is their first government formed in 2014 or the coalition government now, both have failed. Haryana was number one in our time in the country. Now it’s too low. Investment is not coming. Haryana is number one in unemployment. There is no development. If the monsoon is delayed, farmers are upset because electricity is not available on time. This is the event management govt. These are called sparkling villages. But even in cities, there are cuts for hours.

Q. You are saying that Haryana was number one in your time, so why is it not there now?
A. The present government could not carry forward our plans. There was talk of Kalpana Chawla University in Karnal, but it could not even get the boundary wall built. No new university was created. They could not get the International Horticulture Market started in Agro Malls and Ganaur. The country had to come to the first Defense University in Gurugram, its work is incomplete. Had to come to AIIMS in Manethi, where is he now? The government has failed in every field.

Q. Farmers are agitating for 7 months. Not resolved yet. Where do you see the flaw?
A. The movement is not led by any political party. We are only supporting their demands. There is no provision for MSP in the new laws. The government should accept the demands of the farmers. There should be a provision of punishment for buying crops at less than MSP. The government should sit with the farmers and solve this matter immediately.

Q. Om Prakash Chautala, who was released after completing 10 years of sentence, is preparing to go from village to village. What will be the effect on the politics of the state?
A. Even during the Baroda by-election, he was out and went around the villages. What did you do then? The result is known to all. His coming out will not bring any change in the politics of the state. Ok… have come out, are elderly man and will be with family. But their political ground has now shifted.

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