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  • Playing With One Lakh Students; Online Examination Done By Paper Printing Company, Result 3000 Complaints

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Gave the responsibility of the examination without tender, failed in both the mock tests, yet gave the work.

  • Three years ago, the one who snatched the work by being guilty, was given the work

Veer Narmad Dakshin Gujarat University awarded a contract to a company which it itself had accused of irregularities to conduct the online examination. This company used to print question papers and degrees earlier and gave it the job of conducting online examination without tender process. It was also not ascertained whether the company has experience in conducting online examinations.

Vice Chancellor Kishore Chanvda awarded the contract to Surya Offset Company to conduct the online examination. There was no tender process for this. Syndicate had authorized the VC to decide the online examination. The VC, exercising the right, gave the work to a disputed company.

The syndicate was also kept in the dark about the contract. Neither the permission of the syndicate was taken nor the information was given. Surya Offset was given the job in a hurry. The company conducted mock test twice of the online exam. Both these tests failed.

The students had to face a lot of trouble. Despite this, the company was given the responsibility of examination. When the company conducted the examination, more than three thousand candidates had to face technical problems. which have not yet been resolved.

Surya Offset used to print papers and degrees, the university took away the work after receiving the complaint

  • 100,000 students are registered in the online exam.
  • 300 colleges (private and grant) are affiliated to Narmad University.
  • There are colleges in 07 districts, under university jurisdiction.
  • The company will get payment on the basis of Rs 18 per paper per student.
  • 3000 complaints were received about the shortcomings of the online examination.

University will pay lakhs of rupees for the examination

The company was given work worth lakhs of rupees directly without any tender. According to sources, the university will pay Rs 18 per student per exam to the company. About 65 thousand students have appeared in the examinations that have been completed so far. The real data will come out after all the exams are over.

The company said – can not tell how much experience it has

To know the side of Surya Offset Company, Bhaskar spoke to its administrator, Mudresh Purohit. Purohit said that our company has a lot of experience in printing paper. Can’t provide any company or university with which company or university has the experience of conducting online exams, as it is against their protocol.

The university did not even examine the company’s experience.

When Bhaskar investigated about awarding the contract to conduct the online examination, it came to the fore that the Surya Offset Company of Ahmedabad is in contact with the university for a long time. The VC gave the contract by misusing the rights given to the syndicate. The same company will also release the result after conducting the online exam.

This company has also conducted the online examination of PhD entrance earlier. Before giving the job of online examination, the university did not even ask for experience related certificate from the company. Even after checking the website of the company, it was not found that the company has any experience in conducting online examination.

The company is also getting the university’s data.

The university will give the data of the students to the company for the examination. Teacher-students have doubts on whether this data will be safe. Syndicate member Bhavesh Rabari says that in the meeting of the syndicate, the VC was given the power because of secrecy that he can choose the companies related to the examination himself. For this it was necessary to go through the tender process. It is against the rules to hire a company directly.

VC said – Examination Confidential matter

Narmad University Vice-Chancellor Kishor Chavda refused to talk more in this matter. Chavda only said that this exam is a confidential matter. Therefore, not much information can be given about it. On the other hand, syndicate members, in-charge registrar, examination regulator, university staff and technicians are not speaking openly about the company conducting the online examination.

Surya Offset was found guilty in the investigation

During the tenure of former vice-chancellor Shivendra Gupta, the disturbances of this company, which was doing the work of printing question papers and degrees, came to the fore. Gupta had formed a 3-member inquiry committee. Committee member Ashwin Patel says that in the investigation it was found that the company has printed question papers and degrees to the university for 3 years at a price many times higher than the market price. After which this company was removed and the work was given to a company in Mumbai.

This game is worth crores

More than 2.5 lakh students study in the university and its affiliated colleges. At present, Surya Offset has been given the responsibility of supplementary examination. According to sources, the company will also be given more examination work. According to sources, the university is also preparing to conduct online examination of regular students. This work will also be given to this company. If the examination of all the students is taken online then the university will pay crores of rupees to the company.

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