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The building of HRTC in Old Bus Stand is deteriorating.

  • Building is not being taken care of, even paint-painting is not being done

The condition of the HRTC management, which is incurring losses, is that the building of the Old Bus Stand, built at a cost of crores of rupees, is also not being maintained properly. Grass has grown on the walls of this building of Old Bus Stand. It is neither being cleaned nor is it being painted.

The condition of the building is that it now seems to be in a dilapidated condition. Although the upper floor of the building has been repaired, the condition of the front walls is bad. Tourists coming to Shimla first see this building, but its condition is very poor.

Similarly, private vehicles are parked at the parking space of buses in the old bus stand. Due to this, drivers are also facing problems in parking the bus here. In such a situation, the drivers randomly park the bus in the bus stand. Due to which the situation of jam here also increases.

The general public has to bear the brunt. Not only this, due to the standing of private vehicles in place of buses, many times there has been a conversation between bus drivers and private vehicle owners, but the administration is not even aware of it.

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