Many thanks for joining us. Hop over to the men’s game that is starting very soon. Until then, you’ve got action from Lord’s for company.

Are the Phoenix alive in the competition? You bet. What a comeback this has been. Rockets nearly had it in the bag and were in sights of the second spot. Then that seventh-wicket stand between Burns and Arlott helped turned it around in style. Not a thriller by any means, but it was still a very competitive game.

Erin Burns is the Player of the match: “Yeah, we knew this was a must-win game for us. The season was on the line, there was little bit to do, so to get one against these guys who well and truly beat us last time is nice. It’s difficult to keep up form, it’s new format, but we knew the total we were chasing. Izzy hit a few into the wind, that helped. We’ve got some solid hitters in the line-up, and it’s nice to know that. has been fantastic. The facilities are amazing, it’s great to play on No. 1 ground in front of amazing crowds.”


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