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  • BSP Chief Mayawati Said By Making Long And Wide Changes In The Cabinet, The Wrong Policies Cannot Be Covered Up, The Country Is Looking Forward To Change

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Mayawati has targeted the BJP government through a social media post. (file photo)

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the expansion of the Union Cabinet and changes in the ministries. Targeting PM Modi, Mayawati said that by making this wide-ranging change, the central government cannot cover up its wrong policies. The BSP supremo said that the people of the country are waiting for the path of change. Now BJP cannot mislead people by doing anything.

What did Mayawati say?
Mayawati wrote on social media, ‘Yesterday’s elaborate expansion and reshuffle in the Union Cabinet cannot cover up the wrong policies, activities and other shortcomings etc. of the government till now. Nor can he divert people’s attention from him. The plight of the people and the country is waiting for a change at the right time.

Mayawati further wrote, ‘The BJP government of UP has also failed here on all fronts of public interest and public welfare and due to their policy and working style and their other air-air promises and announcements etc. is.’

The statement of Mohan Bhagwat was also retaliated

Two days ago, BSP chief Mayawati had also retaliated on the statement given by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat regarding religion. Mayawati had said, ‘The statement of the Sangh chief is like Ram in the mouth and a knife in the side. No one will believe his statement. Mayawati had also openly expressed her stand on the issue of conversion. It was said that it is wrong to convert by forcible and greedy. Strict action should be taken against such people.

Mayawati said, “The RSS chief’s statement made yesterday seems unbelievable to the people. As long as the narrow thinking and working style of RSS and BJP and Company and their governments will not bring all-society friendly social change, then it is difficult to believe their words by the Muslim society.

7 ministers made in Modi cabinet from UP

7 new ministers of UP have been given place in the new team of Prime Minister Modi. All of them have been made ministers of state. Kheri MP Ajay Mishra Teni and Rajya Sabha MP BL Verma have been included in his team by Home Minister Amit Shah. Ajay Mishra has been made the Minister of State for Home, while BL Verma will be the Minister of State in the Ministry of Cooperation, formed two days ago. This ministry is also with Amit Shah. Similarly, Pankaj Chaudhary has been given the responsibility of Minister of State for Finance and Anupriya Patel for Commerce and Industry.

Seven new ministers got portfolios

  • BL Verma will hold the charge of Minister of State in the Ministry of Cooperation, besides the Ministry of North Eastern States. He will be the Minister of State for Amit Shah.
  • Ajay Kumar Mishra has also been made Minister of State for Home. He will be in Amit Shah’s team.
  • Pankaj Chaudhary has been given the responsibility of Minister of State for Finance. He will be in Nirmala Sitharaman’s team.
  • Anupriya Patel has been made Minister of State in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Kaushal Kishor has been made Minister of State in the Ministry of Urban Development.
  • SP Singh Baghel has been made Minister of State in the Department of Law and Justice.
  • Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma has been made Minister of State, Department of Micro, Small and Medium Industries.

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