Business Idea: Earn Upto Rs 18.12 Lakh Per Year By Investing Own Capital Of Rs 2.34 Lakh In This Venture

If you are passionate about running a business, you can make good money every month by spending less. The government is supporting you in this work as well. The business idea project that we have identified for you is that of setting up a sanitizer manufacturing unit.

Sanitizers are in huge demand in cities, small towns, and villages. Because there will always be a market for sanitizer, going into business with it could be profitable for you. In addition, the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana scheme offers loans for doing business. So, this is a low-investment, low-effort venture with lakhs of potential revenue.

Business Idea: Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business

Sanitizers are always in high demand because they are portable, highly effective at killing germs, and can be used in places where water is scarce. You can enter, launch your business, and reap good profits from this lucrative hand sanitizer manufacturing sector. You can choose to start a small or large-scale hand sanitizer manufacturing business, depending on your financial capabilities.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business Idea: PM Mudra Loan Scheme

Under the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY), the central government is providing help to start the sanitizer-making business. You can also apply for MUDRA loans under PMMY up to Rs 10 lakh for launching your business. This is a reasonably good amount to start the business on a large scale. Since PMMY provides unsecured loans, there is no need for collateral to apply, and the funds will be disbursed without any issues.

Business Idea: Cost Of Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Unit

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has prepared a report that outlines the steps involved in starting a profitable sanitizer manufacturing business. The feasibility analysis states that starting a sanitizer manufacturing venture will cost a total of Rs. 23.35 lakhs, out of which you will be required to give your own contribution of Rs. 2.34 lakhs. There will be Rs. 6.8 lakh in working capital. The land and building requirements would be around 1000-1500 Sq. Ft.

Hand Sanitizer Production COST OF PROJECT

Particulars Amount
Land Own/Rented
Building/Shed 1500 sq ft Own/Rented
Plant & Machinery: Rs 15.05 lakh
Furniture & Fixtures: Rs 75,000
Working Capital Requirement: Rs 7.55 lakh
Total: Rs 23.35 lakh

Hand Sanitizer Production MEANS OF FINANCE

Particulars Amount
Own Contribution@10%: Rs 2.34 lakh
Term Loan: Rs 14.22 lakh
Working Capital: Rs 6.80 lakh
Total: Rs 23.35 lakh

Business Idea: Approvals and registration requirements For Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

License from the Food and Drug Control Authority (FDCA)
GST Registration
MSME Industry Aadhaar
Trademark or brand name, as may be required by the manufacturer
IEC Code for Import Export
Barcode for E-Commerce

Business Idea: Profit From Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Business

The KVIC feasible report giving a Five Year’s Projected Profitability Statement on Hand Sanitizer manufacturing business said that in the first year you can see a net profit of Rs 1.55 lakh, Rs 4.78 lakh in the second year, Rs 8.70 lakh in the third year, Rs Rs 12.87 lakh in the fourth year and Rs 18.12 lakh in the fifth year.

You can easily dominate the market if you are launching your product under a new brand and using the latest technology in its manufacturing. You can earn lakhs of rupees from your sanitizer-making business if you market it well. To market your product locally, get in touch with local wholesalers, distributors, stores, and supermarkets. Additionally, you can list your products on the online platform to sell them well.

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