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The car completely burnt down.

Unknown people set ablaze the window of a Mahindra car parked near a water tank in Chandigarh’s Hallomajra. As soon as the information about the matter was received, the police reached the spot and started investigation by registering a case against unknown accused.

According to the information received, Vikrant Kumar, a resident of Hallomajra, has given a complaint to the police. The complaint states that he lives with his family in Hallomajra. He runs his own travel agency by the name of Shriram Rath Travels.

In the early hours of Saturday, he came from Ambala and parked the car near the water tank. After a while the sound of breaking glass came. When he looked around, he could not see anything. Then when a noise was heard, they came out and saw that the car was on fire.

The window of the car was also broken. Together with the people, he somehow controlled the fire. But by then the car was completely burnt. When the complaint of the matter was given to the police, the team of Hallomajra police station reached the spot and investigated.

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