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Export quality apples will be prepared in tribal district Kinnaur. The central government has approved a project of Rs 50 crore for Himachal. This information was given by Horticulture Minister Mahendra Singh Thakur during a special statement during the Question Hour in the Vidhan Sabha. The Minister said that the Ministry of Agriculture has approved this project for 9 states of the country, which includes Himachal.

The state government had taken up the matter of sanctioning two projects from the center, out of which one project has been approved and the central government has assured to approve the second project for the state soon. He said that with this project export quality apples would be prepared in Kinnaur so that the products of the state could be exported abroad and foreign exchange could be obtained.

Packing houses and processing units will also be built
HPMC has been entrusted with the work of Cluster Development Agency. Soil testing, leaf analysis, plant health clinic facilities will be set up in this project. Apart from this, integrated disease pest management works will be done in it. A packing house, processing unit will also be set up in this. Market yards will be upgraded for marketing of apples. For marketing, the apple will be branded in the name of Kinnaur Apple so that its sales can be promoted.

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