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Haryanvi star Sumit Nagal had a good start in the Challenger tennis tournament but he could not continue it. Nagal lost in round 16 and 7th seed Nagal was knocked out in three sets by unseeded player Moller. In the match played on the center court, Nagal did not start well and Moller took the lead in the very first set.

Nagal tried to make a comeback but could not succeed. Nagal lost 3-6 in the first set. In the second set, Nagal made a comeback and hit strong shots. 7th seed Nagel gave Moller a chance to win just one game and he took the set with successive serve breaks. This time they won with 6-1 and the score of the match came in a draw.

Nagel could not maintain his momentum in the third set and Moller continued to attack against him. Nagal could only manage two games this time and had to miss consecutive serves. Möller won the third set 6–2 and advanced to the next round. The journey of the 7th seed Haryanvi star ended here.

Moller dominated Nagal throughout the match: Moller dominated Nagal during the round of 16 match and did not let the pressure deter him. Moller hit three aces while Nagel could only hit one. On the first serve also, Moller got 73 percent marks while Nagal’s percentage was 62.

Nagal remained on the lead in the second serve itself. Most of the molars also got break points. Moller won 13 games in the match while Nagel managed to win in 11 games. Moller was the first to score consecutive points and he scored 12 points in a row. Nagal got only 7 points in a row.

} had defeated Safwat in round-32…
In the first match of the tournament, Sumit Nagal won in straight sets and here Nagal was in full swing. Nagal pushed Safwat on the back foot in the first set and registered a 6-3 win. In the second set, Safwat tried to make a comeback and won 6 games.

Nagal continued to score points with them and the score at one point leveled 6-6. A tiebreaker was used for the result and Nagal took the set 7-6(7-3) with a 7-3 win. Nagal was completely on the front foot in the tiebreaker set and he took full advantage of the initial lead.

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