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Who are these people- First there was a situation of fighting in the affair of taking the vaccine… When Bhaskar’s team reached there, the youths present here, who claimed to be responsible, tried to stop them. The flash of the camera flashed, then the magistrate and policemen came into action.

  • People who came to take second dose of Covaccine at Morhabadi Stadium Center got upset
  • When Bhaskar’s team arrived, the administration swung into action

The general public will not be able to get the vaccine of security in the capital on Thursday. Because, only 34 files i.e. 340 doses are left in the entire district. These doses are combined in CCL Hospital, AG Office, Military Hospital and Tamad Block. In such a situation, vaccination will be done only in these places. Actually, Ranchi district did not get the vaccine from NHM on Wednesday. Now there is doubt about whether the vaccine will be available on Friday-Saturday also. Because, on July 9, the dose of Covaccine is expected to be found in the state.

If arrangements are made from somewhere before this, then it is fine, otherwise people may have to wait for two-three days. Here, people gathered at the Birsa Munda Football Stadium, the city’s biggest center, on Wednesday as the dose of Covaccine arrived after more than a week. Here 550 doses of Covaccine were made available for those taking the second dose. But more than 1000 people reached here. People started arriving since 9 in the morning. There was a long queue of people, but the administrative system failed completely in the matter of giving doses.

Some people were making a list from their level and getting the vaccine

In the name of cooperation, handing over the entire system in the hands of a few people, from the deputed magistrate to the policeman, they sat comfortably on the side. On getting information about this, the team of Dainik Bhaskar reached the spot. People told that he has been in line for two-three hours. On the one hand, the medical team reached around 11.30 am, on the other hand some people are making a list and getting the vaccine. You and I were also getting into each other about this.

To rectify the mistake in the certificate, apply in the Kovin portal

Apart from registering for the vaccine in the CoVin portal, booking slots, apart from applying online for corrections in certificate errors, have also been made available. The option of Rise An Issue has been given in the portal. In which the option of Merge Multiple Dose, Add Passport Details and Remove Unknown Number has also been given. The facility of applying online for any kind of problem related to this has been given in the portal.

Vaccination system will be fine

Magistrates and policemen have been deputed to ensure that people do not face problems at the vaccination center and to maintain order. Birsa Munda takes information about the incident in the football stadium. There will be no shortage in the system.
– Vishal Sagar, DDC, Ranchi

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