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DSP and others leaving for Braj Yatra.

  • Will return with his convoy to his residence by 1 pm on Sunday.

Firozpur Jhirka. A convoy of fun-loving people of the city along with DSP Chandrapal Bishnoi has come out for the circumambulation of eighty-four kos by cycle. Ever since DSP Chandrapal Bishnoi has taken charge in the city of Ferozepur Jhirka, he goes from Firozpur Jhirka to Tijara Rajasthan for morning walk along with some fun-loving people and police colleagues of the city. Go there and do exercise. Similarly, DSP Chandrapal Bishnoi has left for the circumambulation of Chaurasi Kos by the people of the city at 4 pm on Friday. Who will return with his convoy to his residence by 1 pm on Sunday after completing the circumambulation of Chaurasi Kos. On the other hand, DSP Chandrapal Bishnoi gave a message to the people that people should try to walk more and more and do cycle travel and should emphasize on exercise in their everyday life. So that any kind of disease can not enter the environment in the body. On this occasion, a convoy of 19 people including Rajesh Singla, Tahir Advocate, Subodh, Manthan, Raju, Rahul, Sachin, Jugal, Saurabh, Brahmadutt, Lala Aggarwal, Manish Singhal, Naushad Ali, Amit Singhal went out for the journey.

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