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  • A Builder Of Mumbai Was Lured By The Maurang Businessman Of Hamirpur To Partner With His Colleagues, The Hotels Of Lucknow Used To Have A Feast

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The builder of Mumbai has filed a case of cheating of nine and a half crores against four people including a moorang trader of Hamirpur in Vibhutikhand police station. Builder Deepak Sharma alleges that these people had made investments by implicating them in their words by claiming to be partners in sand mining contracts. For this, the accused used to organize big parties in hotels many times in Lucknow. He had met Police Commissioner DK Thakur and demanded action against the accused. Malad resident Deepak Sharma has a firm in the name of M/s Natural Builders. According to Deepak Sharma, his firm’s office is in Andheri East, Kandivali, Mumbai. In 2018, Vrindavan met Anand Kumar Singh alias Baba Trikaldarshi, a resident of Eldico Saubhagya in a party. He claimed to be associated with the Maurang trade in Hamirpur and to have a deep hold in the political circles. Asked to join the mining line, saying that big profits are made on the big investment in moorang and sand mining. He came to Lucknow in December 2018 with the aim of increasing his business. Anand Singh stayed for three days at Vibhutikhand Hotel. Where Anand got his friends Rajiv Paliwal, Navneet Singh Bhadauria and Vijay Pal Prajapati to meet. Deepak told that during the meeting, Vijay Pal and Navneet Singh talked about getting contracts for sand and mooring in Hamirpur. Vijay Pal claimed to have a government mining lease with his firm BP Construction. To assure assurance, Anand and his associates also showed the documents related to the tender. On this, after coming to his words, one crore rupees were deposited in his mentioned accounts through RTGS. The accused had said that the tender would be floated in the name of Deepak’s firm. Later, saying that the tender was opened in the name of Vijay Pal’s firm, Rs 50 lakh more was taken from Deepak. After this these people met in many parties. Many times these people took crores in the name of business and did not even give profits. Deepak alleges that the accused cheated about nine and a half crores of rupees in total investment and profits. According to the Vibhutikhand police, a case is being registered and the matter is being investigated.

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