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7 people of vehicle thief gang caught by police in Kaithal. Of these, 3 are residents of Karnal.

Kaithal’s CIA team has busted an inter-state gang. During this action, 7 people have been arrested along with 18 stolen vehicles. According to the police, three youths from Karnal, who were involved in the gang, used to steal expensive vehicles from different cities of Delhi and Haryana and sell them to a dealer in Uttarakhand. The dealer would give them back to the disposers of Kaithal and Hisar in Haryana, who would put the number plates and chassis numbers of the scrap vehicles on these vehicles and sell them in the market. At present, the police is preparing to present these 7 people in the court.

Vehicles recovered from the accused.

Vehicles recovered from the accused.

The recovered vehicles include 2 Alto K-10, 1 Skoda Lora, 1 Polo, 2 Maruti Ertiga, 4 Swift DZire, 5 Swift, 1 Honda Amaze, 1 Duster and 1 Creta. Regarding this, SP Lokendra Singh of Kaithal said that the team of CIA-1 was present near Khanauri road on Jind bypass in Kalayat. There Gurmeet, a resident of Bir Badala of Karnal, was overpowered in a stolen Creta vehicle from Delhi. Shubham, a resident of Shiv Colony Karnal, was arrested from Kaithal along with the stolen vehicle Swift from Kalayat. During his arrest, Gurmeet got his disclosure statement recorded that Shubham seems to be his nephew in the relationship and Chetan, a resident of Shiv Colony of Karnal, is his friend.

Cars used to be stolen by preparing keys from coding machines
The SP said that all three have been doing theft of vehicles for a long time. At night, all three leave with the car and roam around the area and do a rake of the car parked outside. Gurmeet and Chetan keep a watch on the passers-by from a distance and Shubham reaches near the car and breaks the glass by placing an offering in the side of the left side of the car. Opening the dashboard removes the center lock box, so that the siren is not heard when the car window is opened.

He then opens the window and enters it, unscrewing the plastic cover under the steering and affixing a heavy magnet to the bottom. This makes the steering lock free. Removes the starting switch from the ignition switch. Then he himself takes the coding machine with him and goes to the car and by putting the key in the ignition switch, the coding of the key is done with the coding machine. Then the car starts by putting a screwdriver in the starting switch and steals the car and takes it with you.

stood in karnal and waited for five days
Seeing the empty space in Shiv Colony of Karnal, he used to cover and park the car. In between, Shubham or Chetan also used to come to check that car. Then after 4-5 days, go near that car and take out the magnet installed in its steering. Drill holes in the steering lock with the machine to free the steering permanently. Then take that car out of there and take it out.

Contact was with the dealer of Uttarakhand
He is in contact with Preneet Pal Singh, resident of Doiwala district Dehradun Uttarakhand, who deals in the purchase and sale of stolen vehicles. He sells Preneet at throwaway prices. Preneet would sell some of those vehicles to his owner Kuldeep alias JP resident Devban and his worker Naresh alias Kala resident Sandil and Vishal resident Azad Nagar Hisar and Sandeep resident Laxmi Vihar Colony Hisar at a shop named JP Disposal on Khanauri Road Kaithal. is.

Cars are sold further by applying the data of the original RC
Kuldeep alias JP, Naresh alias Kala, Vishal and Sandeep buy vehicles in scrap with original RCs and after cutting the chassis number part of scrap vehicles, welding in place of the stolen vehicle chassis number part, painting on it and set it well. But they do not change the engine number of those vehicles. The grinders kill the engine numbers of many vehicles. Then the number plate of the scrap car is put on that car and the papers of the car purchased in the scrap are used on the finished vehicles. There is no record of the theft of that vehicle after it is ready. The number plates and chassis numbers on those vehicles belong to scrap vehicles, but the engine numbers are of stolen vehicles. Good profits are earned by selling such prepared vehicles in the market outside.

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