Cillian Murphy on why he enjoyed Emily Blunt’s company on ‘Oppenheimer’ set

Cillian Murphy shares working experience with Emily Blunt in ‘Oppenheimer’
Cillian Murphy shares working experience with Emily Blunt in ‘Oppenheimer’ 

Cillian Murphy has recently shared why he loved playing opposite Emily Blunt in blockbuster movie, Oppenheimer.

In an exclusive interview with The Los Angeles Times, the Peaky Blinders star admitted, “Emily is one of the funniest people, and I have a rule that I can’t work unless there’s a lightness around the set.”

In the movie, Cillian played the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer whereas Emily portrayed his wife, Kitty Oppenheimer.

Elaborating on how he likes his sets, Cillian mentioned, “There has to be some levity.”

“A lot of the films I do are quite heavy and go to some dark, challenging places, and you have to be relaxed to do that,” continued the 47-year-old.

Cillian remarked, “So, I don’t walk around in a state of angst.”

“I need to feel at ease. I can’t be in that dark place all the time. I don’t have the stamina for it,” he added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cillian talked about his performances which he considered as “delicate and tiny, most of it”.

“I knew it would have to be a quiet, small performance, because the themes are huge,” he noted.

Cillian pointed out, “What’s happening inside his heart and his mind can’t be painted big, particularly when it’s captured on an Imax camera and it’s going to be shown on an 80-foot screen.”

Meanwhile, Cillian’s Oppenheimer earned eight nominations at the upcoming Golden Globes, which will be held on January 7. 

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