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Colony number-4 of the industrial area is now the biggest colony left. Although many families have been shifted from here to the rehabilitation colony set up in Maloya, but still many families are living in the colony. But now the administration has started preparing to remove the colony and the families who are living here are preparing to shift them in some way wherever there are houses in the Rehabilitation Colonies.

Recently, Advisor Dharampal has also held a meeting with the officials of Municipal Corporation, Estate Office and Chandigarh Housing Board, in which it has been said that the families living here should be shifted to Maloya under the Affordable Rental Housing Complex under the Rental Scheme.

After this work will be done for complete removal of this colony. Under the Affordable Rental Housing Complex Scheme of the Central Government in Maloya, a pucca house is provided at a rent of three thousand rupees per month. There are many vacant houses right now, so planning will be prepared to shift people from colony number-4 to here.

Here on Saturday also, about 15 slums were removed while taking action on behalf of the Enforcement Wing of the Estate Office. In fact, people living in these slums have got pucca houses in Maloya. But here these slums were occupied and given on rent. That’s why they were vacated and broken.

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