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Congress party has accused HPU VC of discriminating against girl students. Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore said that there is discrimination against the students. Due to this the atmosphere of the university is being made tense. Criticizing the order banning admission to the university, he has asked three student leaders of NSUI to immediately reinstate these students. Rathore said that the vice-chancellor of the university, Sikandar Kumar, is doing his arbitrariness.

He said that by doing this the VCs are violating their own limitations by violating the autonomy of the State University, which is a matter of great concern. He has said that the Vice Chancellor is taking decisions contrary to the rules as a dictatorship to hide his failures.

The black exploits, corruption of the university have been exposed in the CAG report. In order to divert the attention of the people from these exploits, the Vice Chancellor is working at the behest of the government under a well-thought-out politics to suppress any protest and agitation by the leaders associated with the Congress Party and its leading student organization.

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