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In Man Darwaza-e-Tenament, women surrounded the electricity company and municipality employees who went to cut electricity and drainage connections in dilapidated houses. The electricity company and the team of Limbayat Zone reached on Friday afternoon. Nirav Patel, technical assistant of Limbayat zone, was surrounded by women.

However, the matter was settled with the mediation of former councilor Cyclewala. A few days ago, when the municipal team went for sealing, they had to run away after a huge protest. Maan Darwaza A-Tenament’s 320 houses have been in dilapidated condition for years. So the lives of the families living here are at risk.

The transfer process was mediated by the MLA, local councillors. But the affected people are protesting to shift to the dilapidated residence of Vadodara. Affected people say that first get the dilapidated house repaired, provide water, drains and other facilities and then shift. It is worth noting that a few days ago the sealing work was done in the Man Darwaza Tenement. In this, women protested against sealing 90 houses by playing thali-welan.

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