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  • Street Play Presented In Maulijagran Civil Dispensary; Apart From Prevention And Treatment Of Diarrhea, Viewers Were Told About The Importance And Propaganda Of Corona Vaccination.

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The use and dosage of ORS solution and zinc tablets were also told in the play.

Even if lectures are given or special sessions are organized. There is no match to what is easily understood by saying it in an entertaining way. This is the reason why now understanding this very well, tie-ups are being done with the artists of the city so that they can make the citizens aware about good health, their care and corona vaccination in their entertaining style.

Under this, street plays were played in the civil dispensary of Moulijagran on Saturday in public interest, diarrhea is a deadly disease. Theater for Theater Chandigarh in association with Director Health Services, Chandigarh Sector 16 and Regional Outreach Bureau (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) presented this play on prevention and treatment of diarrhea. While the play entertained the audience on one hand, on the other hand also did a great job of social awareness.

It was written by Harvinder Singh while it was directed by Prince Sharma. From the prevention and treatment of diarrhea to its symptoms were talked about through the play. Along with this, the importance of corona vaccination, propaganda and the importance of both doses of vaccination were also presented in a very conscious manner in front of the audience.

Special emphasis was laid in the play that due to lack of maintenance, we often invite fatal diseases like diarrhea, due to which any person falls very easily, especially the newborn baby. The use and dosage of ORS solution and zinc tablets were also told in the play.

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