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On Saturday morning, two alcoholics started fighting each other at the gate of the Civil Hospital. Seeing this, the surrounding people gathered on the spot and made the video viral on social media. Seeing the seriousness of the incident, the hospital security caught both of them and handed them over to the police, where investigation revealed that both are mobile thieves. Cases of mobile theft and other items belonging to patients and their relatives are increasing day by day in the civil hospital.

It is being told that the two people who were beating each other keep walking in this hospital in the same way. In this case both were under the influence of alcohol. In such a situation, there was a quarrel among themselves about something. After a scuffle, a fight started between the two. After this, the security guard of the Civil Hospital caught both of them and handed them over to the police. During interrogation by the police, both the mobile thieves turned out to be.

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