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The Varachha police arrested the accused who threatened a female social worker living in Varachha to withdraw from Dr. Ravi’s case. According to the information, Vibhaben Parekh, who lives in Varachha, is a social worker. Vibha is having a dispute with Dr. Ravi and Hitesh. Darshan Patel, who was sitting at Dr. Ravi’s clinic, called Vibhaben and threatened that Dr. Get out of Ravi and Hitesh’s case, otherwise you will have to lose your life.

After this, Darshan threatened to come to Vibha’s society. Vibha Parekh had lodged a complaint against the accused Darshan alias Rawal Ambalal Patel (Resident- Arpan Apartment, Trikam Nagar, Varachha). Varachha police has arrested the accused. Police is taking further action.

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