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  • Panchkula Police and Health Department imposed duty of computer operator for dial 112

CM Manohar Lal will inaugurate Dial 112 on 12th July. For this, the office of Emergency Response Support System building has been made in Sector-3, where the control room of Dial 112 is built. In the control room, the police, health department and fire department were asked to assign the duty of their respective computer operators.

After which the police and health department have imposed duty. At the same time, instead of imposing the duty of computer operator on behalf of the fire department, the duty of fire operator has been imposed for dial 112, where he has been asked to work on the computer. Dial 112 vehicles will be given in 9 police stations of the district.

The fire operators were given 5 days training so that they could work in the control room of Dial 112. However, the fire operator said in a letter to the CM that he was not a diploma holder and would not have computer work. So let them do the work of fire operator only. Fire operators have written in the letter that if there is any mistake while working on the computer, then who will take the responsibility. He refused to work for Dial 112.

In fact, for Dial 112, 8 fire personnel from Panchkula and about two dozen fire personnel from Gurgaon and Faridabad were given 5 days training and asked to work as dispatch officers. The details of the incoming call on dial 112 will have to be transferred to the dispatch officer and sent to the staff on the spot for help in emergency situation at that place.

Chief Fire Officer Gulshan Kalra said that some things are changed according to the time. Dial 112 is an emergency service for which fire operators from Panchkula, Gurgaon and Faridabad have been appointed as dispatch officers. He has been given 5 days training so that he can work on the incoming call on 112.

First trained but refused

For the Dispatch Officer of Dial 112, fire and sub-fire officers of different districts of Haryana were first asked to join after giving training for about a week but they refused to join after giving training.

After that it was decided to appoint fire operators to the post of dispatch officers. On refusing to leave the fire operators, 8 computer operators were sent by the Municipal Corporation on Tuesday, which the police department refused to keep saying that they no longer have time to give training.

828 Fire Operator’s Demand Sending

Fire Officer Gurmail Singh said that 8 operators have been given 5 days training for Dial 112 and now they will have to work as Dispatch Officer only for Dial 112. When he was asked about the shortage of staff, he said that due to shortage of staff, he has already sent a demand for 20 fire operators.

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