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tribal villager

  • Immunity is increased by good food, when you are sick, you treat yourself with herbs
  • When one has to go to the city or market, he would use a mask for fear of the police.

Even though today the whole world is battling the corona epidemic, but even today there are many such tribal-dominated villages in Tatijharia block, where there is neither an outbreak of corona nor any fear among the people. People of tribal-dominated villages know the name of Corona, but what is it, they have nothing to do with it. The people of the village never use masks and neither physical distance is followed. Yes, when they have to go to the city or market, they use masks for fear of the police.

The tribal-dominated villages of Tatijharia are Murki, Bishay, Kandagadha, Hatwe, Gormara, Salaya, Basaria, Chudko, Hardiya, Panimako, Karamba, Puto, Churchu, Simradhab etc. villages, where Corona has not yet knocked. In case of cold, cough, fever, Giloy, Koynar greens, Bhelwa and other traditional herbs treat themselves. Even in the first and second rounds of corona, no person of these villages has been infected with corona. The people here have neither vaccinated Kovid nor got corona tested. Ashok Kisku, resident of Bishay, Degalal Besra of Kandagadha says that people eat simple food and work hard. All this has been possible due to the living of the tribals living in harmony with nature. The tribal population living in these villages is around 8-10 thousand. Tribals who believe in nature as gods are known to protect trees and plants. When Corona came last year, even then they were untouched by it. This time when the second wave came fast, even then they stayed away from infection.

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