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In view of the fear of spreading corona through election rallies in Punjab, the government has increased the strictness. In the order issued on Saturday, there has been a ban on gathering of more than 50 people in indoor and more than 100 people in outdoor. Outdoor will have a maximum count of 100 and will not be able to mobilize more than 50% of the capacity of the space concerned.

Home Secretary Anurag Verma has asked all the police and administration officers to implement it strictly. Apart from this, the night curfew in Punjab has been extended from 10 pm to 5 am till January 25.

These restrictions will continue….

At the same time, Corona is increasing fatally in Punjab. On Friday, 7,642 positive cases were found in Punjab, 21 people died. The most alarming thing is that 637 patients have reached life saving support in Punjab. Of these, 485 are on oxygen, 122 on ICU and 30 on ventilators.

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