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Gurgaon. Girl getting the vaccine.

  • Deaths from corona in Gurgaon have been the highest after Hisar, while the number of infected is at the top.

The pace of corona infection in the district has undoubtedly slowed down, but still the possibility of a third wave is scaring people. Experts are continuously making various announcements regarding the third wave. This is the reason why schools, institutes, colleges etc. have not opened yet. Deaths from corona in Gurgaon have been the highest after Hisar, while the number of infected is at the top. But now after about 13 months, the active figure has come down to 100. There are 15 patient admits in hospitals.

On Tuesday also 9 new infected were found in the district, while 13 patients recovered and returned home and two patients succumbed to the infection. The total active cases in the district are 95 but out of these, 80 patients are taking treatment in home isolation.

At the same time, a total of 1665939 tests have been done so far in the district, out of which 180726 positives have been found. While 179718 have been recovered, due to which the recovery rate of the district has exceeded 99 percent. In the last 24 hours, 4009 tests were conducted in the district, out of which only 9 positives have been found, which has increased the positivity rate in the district to 0.25%.

Continuous increase in the death toll While new cases are decreasing continuously in Gurgaon, the death toll is increasing continuously. On Tuesday also two patients died in the district. With this, there have been 913 in the district so far. Out of which 94 patients have died in the last quarter and a half. In such a situation, on an average, more than 12 percent of the deaths are now taking place in the district. Earlier this figure was only two per cent.

More than 15 lakh people got the vaccine dose. Under the vaccination campaign in the district, 9405 people were given anti-corona vaccine on Tuesday. In the vaccination camps organized today, 5751 people were given the first dose of anti-coronavirus vaccine while 3654 people were given the second dose. Till now, 1504052 people have been vaccinated in the district.

Active cases reduced by 1200 in the district in a quarter of a month
There has been a steady decrease in active cases in Gurgaon in the month of June. In the last quarter month, 2116 patients have recovered, while the number of new cases has been 780. In such a situation, there has been a decrease of about 1200 in active cases. Due to which the active cases came down to just 95 on Tuesday.

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