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  • Case Registered Against Constable Who Kidnapped Youth And Robbed 30 Thousand Rupees, Threatened To Implicate Him In A False Case Of Liquor

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  • The worker in the Xerox shop was abducted from Vesu

A case of robbery-kidnapping has been registered against two, including a police constable, who kidnapped a young man sitting on a moped and drinking a cigarette and cold while threatening to implicate him in a liquor case.

According to the information, 26-year-old Nirav son Bhavesh Soni, a resident of Suyog Nagar located in Bhatar Tenement, works in Xerox’s shop. On July 3, at 7.30 pm, Agarwal was smoking cigarette and cold while sitting on his scooter in front of Paan Corner at Happy Mark Complex near school in Vesu.

Meanwhile, two persons came in a red colored car. There was a man in police uniform. Vilesh Fatesh Singh was written on the name plate on the uniform. After slapping Nirav, Vilesh made him sit in the car and said that you are drinking alcohol mixed with a bottle of cold. After this, he started threatening to file a case of liquor.

Vilesh said that 50 thousand rupees will have to be paid to avoid the case. Meanwhile, both of them took away 5000 rupees from the purse after beating Nirav. After this, before the online application, one thousand and then 24 thousand rupees were forcibly transferred to the account of a young man named Chintu Dubey. After driving Nirav in the car for one-and-a-half hours, both of them fled, leaving Vesu across the Happy Hall Mark complex. Nirav has lodged a complaint against both of them at Umra police station.

Pandesara: To rob the phone, the youth was attacked with a knife and tried to kill, 3 including two minors arrested

In Pandesara, 3, including two minors, have been arrested by the Crime Branch for attempting to murder a youth with a knife for robbing a phone a week ago. According to the information, an unknown youth was found in an injured condition near Rachna Bay Bridge in Pandesara. The young man could not even get a ball.

There was a knife in his stomach. Pandesara police had registered a case of attempt to murder. After regaining consciousness, the injured youth had given his name as Santosh Ramu Gauri. The crime branch had received intelligence that Santosh was attacked with a knife with the intention of robbing the phone. The attackers are about to gather in Pandesara.

Based on this information, the Crime Branch has arrested Vijay alias Munna Rambahadur Kanojia (Resident- Harsiddhi Nagar, Pandesara) and two minors from Pandesara Housing Board. During interrogation, the accused told that the debt on Vijay had increased.

So Vijay had planned to rob the two minors. Vijay was trying to snatch the mobile from Santosh. When Santosh protested, he fled after stabbing him in the stomach. Police have arrested the three and started further action.

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