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In Mashebra, the police have arrested three youths with a consignment of chitta. While one of the accused managed to escape by taking advantage of the mace. According to the information, the police got information in Mashobra that some smugglers are selling chitta to the youth. Police went to the spot and caught three people from a car and recovered 27.02 grams of Chitta from them. A drug smuggler managed to escape.

The police had information that some smugglers were selling chitta to youths near Dak Bungalow in Mashobra. When the police went to the spot, it was found that four youths sitting in the car number HP1A-7356 parked on the side of the road were waiting for their customers with a consignment of drugs.

Among the arrested accused, Gaurav Kumar is a resident of Hasiyarpur Punjab. While Lavesh Kufri, Akshay Kumar Kufri, while another accused Sandeep Kumar, a resident of Tutu, escaped from the spot by dodging the police. In such a situation, the police is now looking for him. Police had also recovered chitta in Dhali and Baluganj areas last week.

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