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With the connivance of the regional police - Dainik Bhaskar

in connivance with the regional police

In Bhopal, the effect of the negligence of the responsible and the complicity of the monitors is that the sand mafia is taking sand illegally from the front of the police post without fear. The mafia’s bigotry, who teased the Narmada, is such that they are not hesitating to kill those who raise their voice against them. The police are silent about the day-to-day attacks on the people of the team running the campaign to save the Narmada and the controversies that arise from them. Even after being aware of the situation, the officials of the Mining Department have turned a blind eye.

The case is related to the continuing illegal mining on the green belt of Narmada bank in Manawar, Kukshi and Dharampuri tehsils of Dhar district. Here Shiva Constructions is taking on its arbitrariness by the company. Among the contracts won for the entire district, it has also made the green belt its target. On any complaint, the district officers become silent in the name of investigation. With the connivance of the regional police, the fear of any action by the sand mafia has also ended.

Megha Patkar arrived, caught red handed mafia
Megha Patkar, the head of the Narmada rescue operation, visited the Narmada belt two days ago with regional MLA Dr. Hiralal Alava. During this, he drew the attention of the administration towards illegal mining being done in village Barda. During this raid, 27 boats, which were engaged in the work of extracting sand from Narmada. 29 sand heaps have also been found on the spot. When the team that arrived with Megha Patkar inspected the sand mines, a tractor Sonalika 740 was caught. A resident of Khargone district named Amar Singh was found illegally excavating sand by bringing it on lease (hire) by a person. The village activists and the Narmada Bachao Andolan activists informed the responsible officers of the administration about illegal mining in Barda, but no action was taken by any competent authority.

assault on complaint
In the past too, on the complaint of the villagers on 11 May 2021, the Patwari along with his team inspected the spot and made a local Panchnama. During this, 14 sand piles, 3 tagaris and 9 sand shovels were seized on the spot, but the action remained only on paper. Here, even during the raids conducted by Patkar’s team, the workers were abused and beaten up by the sand mafia. The workers were also threatened with death. Earlier also, on July 9, 2012 in Barda, a major incident took place due to mutual enmity due to sand excavation, in which 3 persons were killed.

From the mining department to the police, everyone is saved.
Sources say that every day about 50 tractors and 25 dumpers are coming out with illegal sand in front of Bakaner police post, but if a complaint is made to the outpost in-charge Narayan Rawal, then he flatly denied any illegal mining. give. He says that wherever illegal mining is taking place, the complainant himself should go along and show them. Here the District Mineral Officer also categorically denied illegal mining. The person appointed for investigation by this officer of charge, the inspector lives in the Sanwer area of ​​Indore district and from there the Dhar headquarter moves up and down. On any occasion of inspection, he prepares the report from Dhar or sitting at his home and categorically refuses to have any illegal excavation. This inspector also says that the contract of Shiva Constructions is going to end as soon as the rains start, so no action is being taken against him. Whereas the department has not taken any action against the illegal mining being done continuously during the contract period. Sources say that behind this there is a case of lengthy transaction between the contractor and the officials.

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