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  • Symptoms of dengue- fever, chills, muscle-joint pain, lack of platelets in the blood.

The outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases is increasing in the city amid Corona infection. Dengue larvae have been found in 1550 houses in the command area of ​​JUSCO (now Tata Steel Utility and Infrastructure Services Limited), which provides civic amenities to the city. The larva was destroyed by the employees of the health department of Jusco. The situation outside the JUSCO command area could be more dire, as the sanitation there is even more pathetic.

The Jusco team conducts dengue tests every year before monsoon by visiting houses, quarters and flats in the command area. Between April and June this year, Jusco health department employees found dengue larvae in 1550 homes. Dengue and malaria are the most dangerous of mosquito-borne diseases. Along with high fever in dengue, the level of platelets in the body decreases rapidly. Sometimes the patient even loses his life.

The surefire way to prevent water stagnation

Dengue mosquitoes breed in clean water. A spoonful of clean water can contain a large number of dengue mosquito eggs. In monsoon, these larvae start to grow when water accumulates in empty containers of houses etc. That is why we should pay attention to the cleanliness of our house and around the places where water can stagnate. If every city dweller cleans his house and surroundings for only half an hour once a week and throws away the accumulated water, then the larvae can be eliminated.
Dr. Sahir Pal, ACMO, East Singhbhum

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