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The youth was identified as Vijay Banra, a resident of Kuidbusu. (file)

In Khunta village of Mufassil police station area, a youth died due to lightning on Wednesday evening. The young man was standing under a tree to avoid the rain. During this, lightning fell on the tree and the young man died on the spot.

The youth was identified as Vijay Banra (23), a resident of Kuidbusu. Vijay was a tractor driver and he was living in his maternal uncle’s house in Khunta since childhood. On Wednesday evening, the work of weaving paddy was going on in the field of Kerse Bari of Bada Khunta village. Where Vijay Banra was driving the plow with a tractor. Simultaneously 6 people were also present in paddy sowing.

Meanwhile it started raining. Vijay left the tractor in the field and stood near a tree next to it. While the rest were near the tractor. Meanwhile, lightning fell on the tree and Vijay was hit by it.

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