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  • Temporary Teachers Sitting In Front Of Punjab School Education Board, Mohali For The Last 24 Days Demanding To Be Confirmed, Are Not Obeying The Trust Of The Officials.

Chandigarh21 minutes ago

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The temporary teachers had tried to go towards CM House recently. file photo

  • Even today, there will be a rage on behalf of the teachers in front of the education board.

Outside the Punjab School Education Board, Mohali, for the last 24 days, temporary teachers across Punjab have been protesting and protesting against their demands. Slogans and demonstrations will be held on behalf of the teachers in front of the board in the afternoon.

Teachers say that talks have been held with the officials of the government many times, but only assurance has been received, no written form is being given by the government, due to which the assurance of the government is doubtful. Captain Sandeep Sandhu, Political Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab, reached Punjab on Thursday to talk to the temporary teachers and said that their demands would be met.

On this, the teachers said that they would continue their demonstration until they were given in writing by the government. It was told on behalf of the teacher leader Ajmer Singh that the meeting is going on with the officials of the government but only assurances are being given.

On behalf of about 13 thousand temporary teachers of Punjab, several attempts were made to surround the kothi of CM Punjab for their demands, in which many of their colleagues were injured in a clash with the police. A large number of women who reached the protest are involved in the demonstration along with their small children.

Women teachers say that they have been teaching children in schools for the last several years but they are not being confirmed by the government. He said that till the government does not announce to make temporary teachers permanent, they will continue to sit here along with their children, no matter how many days they have to sit here.

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