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On Tuesday, social organizations of the city submitted a memorandum to ADC Satveer Mann in the name of PM Narendra Modi and Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar to make Sunflag Hospital a government hospital. The people of the institutions have said in the memorandum why Sunflag should be made a government hospital. Social worker Jaswant Pawar said that today the population of Faridabad is going to reach around 28 to 30 lakhs.

Talking about revenue, Faridabad district gives revenue to the Haryana government at number two. But here the government facilities in the health sector are only nominal. With the increase in the population in the city, the health facilities have increased in name only. While private hospitals have spread to every corner of Faridabad. In these, the common man does not know how to get his treatment. Because the fees of private hospitals are far from the reach of middle and poor people.

Social worker Abhishek Goswami told that the building of Sunflag Hospital is lying vacant. Which is under Haryana Government. Perfectly suited for the reach of the people. From the point of view of accessibility, this hospital is also very beneficial for the people of Faridabad Central and Greater Faridabad. That’s why the Haryana government should make it a government hospital. If she does this then the middle and poor section of Faridabad will get a lot of relief.

Most of the private hospitals here are built on land taken from the government at a cheaper rate. But he has looted patients with both hands in the second wave of corona infection. Instead of taking action, the administration kept watching silently. Therefore, there is a demand of the residents of the city that Sunflag Hospital should be made a government hospital by not giving it to private or private hands in public interest.

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