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Faridabad. The former MLA has raised a strong objection to the early start of Gadpuri Toll Tax Plaza.

Former MLA Pt. Tekchand Sharma has raised a strong objection to the early start of Gadpuri toll plaza under Prithla area. He said that while the local villagers would face trouble due to toll here, there would also be additional burden on the people going from Faridabad to Palwal several times a day. So there is no justification for levying toll here. The government should keep the earthly area free from this toll while respecting the sentiments of the people. Sharma was talking to reporters at his office in Sikri on Wednesday.

Being an industrial area, people have to come many times.

He said that the Prithla area comes under about 20 kms. Some part of it is adjacent to Faridabad and some to Palwal area. In such a situation, people commute here many times a day. There are also people whose residence is in Prithla, while their agriculture is in Gadpuri. In such a situation, they will have to face a lot of problems due to toll. Most of the industrialists living in the area also live in Faridabad. While their industries are engaged in Gadpuri and Palwal. Here the drivers carrying their labor and raw material are kept. Those who make ten-ten rounds a day to Palwal and Faridabad. So how much toll will he pay? He said that the work of completion of the highway is still going on. There is a bridge to be built in Baghoula. In view of that situation, the Prithla area should be kept free from this toll and either pass should be made or other arrangements should be made for the people here. The former MLA said that during the time of Congress, the current Union Minister of State, Krishan Pal Gurjar had talked about toll taxes being freed by calling them ‘Jizya Tax’ and it is all Congress’s contribution. As long as he remained MLA, he did not allow work on this toll.

The MLA said that this toll plaza should be built on the Kosi border

Instead of making this toll here, it should have been built on the Kosikalan border. Because both Palwal and Faridabad come in the same Lok Sabha. There is a family atmosphere between the two. There is a movement of people from here to there and from there throughout the day. Therefore, he has also demanded the Union Minister of State Gurjar to intervene in this matter and try to provide relief to the public. The former MLA has sent a demand letter to CM Manohar Lal and Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari for reconsideration about the introduction of this toll plaza. He said that the people of Prithla area are paramount for him. He will fight for the rights of this people at every level and will not allow this toll to start at any cost. On this occasion, Dr. Tejpal Sharma, Former Sarpanch of Gadpuri Tejpal Tanwar, Sube Singh Prithla, Advocate Ashok Prithla, Bhim Gadpuri, Jagveer Jawan, Bachchu Singh Tewatia Alawalpur, Anuj Bhati, Nitinpal Kaushik, Satveer Sharma, Manish Kaushik, Shivkumar Sharma, Vishnu Kaushik, Jai Prakash Rai , Ramesh Chandra Dundsa, Jitu Bharadwaj, Vivek Saini, Balkishan Sharma, Ajay Kumar etc. were present.

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