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  • The residents of the area started the demand for making a separate Shrine Board.

The people of the area have started the demand to make separate Shrine Board for Chandi Mata Temple in Chandimandir and Siddha Peeth Mata Kalika Ji Temple in Kalka, now Kali Mata Temple in Kalka is also under Mata Mansa Devi Shrine Board. In 2010, the Kalikaji temple was also brought under the Mansa Devi Shrine Board.

For 10 years, the people of Kara area, comparing the development of Pinjore-Kalka area with that of Panchkula, have started calling their area very backward in development, whereas in these 10 years only in Kali Mata ji. Comparing the work done with Mata Mansa Devi temple.

People held the corporation officials responsible for the lack of facilities available to the people of the area and ignoring the area in 10 years. At the same time, Shrine Board held Panchkula officials responsible for not getting any major work done in Kalikaji temple in 10 years.

  • In 10 years, the biggest need of the Shrine Board Kalikaji temple was not able to make parking of vehicles. For which many times there was talk in the meetings of the board but still no work could be started on it. While this demand was also made to the Chairman of the Board and Chief Minister Manohar Lal, yet no action was taken. – Arun Sharma, local resident.the
  • The Kalika ji temple has accumulated offerings worth crores, yet the board could not even get the parking for the temple built, it has been more than a year since the board had announced to make a grand form for about two crores but the work could not start. The board is getting the work done in Mansa Devi temple while Kalika is ignoring the temple. – Davinder Kumar, local resident.

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