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Gurgaon. People protesting outside Electricity Corporation office.

In the scorching heat that has been going on for the last 15 days, people are suffering due to the power cuts. Due to the apathy of the officials of the Electricity Corporation from above, there is anger among the consumers. The residents of Bhup Singh Nagar, who were facing power problem, broke the dam of patience and they took to the streets on Thursday morning. People demonstrated fiercely against the electricity corporation.

People say that there is no power supply in the area for two days. Even after complaining to the authorities, no action is being taken. In such a situation, they also have to yearn for drinking water. To fill water, some people called for a generator and filled the water by running a motor from it.

Local residents Ankur, Lokesh Kumar, Anil Khatana, Naresh Gurjar, Satte Pradhan and others told that the problem of electricity has become so severe in the area that people are being forced to migrate from here. There is power outage for two days. Even after complaining, only assurance is being given from the officials. People are upset because no action is taken.

Angry people demonstrated against the electricity corporation in the colony itself on Thursday morning. More than 100 people took to the streets and demanded a solution to the problem from the officials of the Electricity Corporation. People say that if their problem is not resolved soon, then they will gherao the electricity corporation.

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