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Potholes and water logging on the road in Jharia-Sindri main road.

  • Balkrishna Bhaletia Construction Company had built the road in 2018, transferred from OCD to NH in 2020

There are potholes in the Dhanbad-Sindri 25 km four lane road. There are more than 200 pits from Bank Mor to BIT Sindri. If you are going by this road then be careful. Especially in the rain. The reason… because the pits are filled with water… you will not be able to know where the road and where the pit. While this road has not even been built for three years. The construction of this road started in 2016 and the road was completed in May 2018. 44.83 crore was spent on road construction.

But in three years this road and road became dilapidated. When Dainik Bhaskar’s team investigated this road, the figures of potholes came out. There are more than 148 potholes counting both the sides in the 7 km road from Dhansar Mor to Jorapokhar police station. Large potholes have developed near Anna Islampur and Sindri Community Health Center near Bastakola. People have found it difficult to walk on this road. Cars are getting crashed every day. Many people have been hospitalized. Many people have broken legs and arms. But the departmental officials are not bothered about it.

Accidents happening daily on broken road, more problems for two wheelers

Responsibility for the construction and maintenance of NH road: RCD
The Dhanbad-Sindri road was earlier with RCD (Red Construction Department). In 2018, this road was built by Balkrishna Bhalotia Construction Company. Anil Kumar, the junior engineer of the department, says that under the agreement, the construction company had to do maintenance work till June 30, 2019. The company also did maintenance. On the instructions of the state government, this road was handed over to the National Highway in 2020. This road has become NH-218 from Bank Mor to Chandankiyari-Bokera. Now the responsibility of construction and maintenance of this road rests with NH.

Tender process completed, work order will be done in a week: NHEE
National Highway in-charge Executive Engineer Dilip Kumar Saha says that the cause of potholes is Jhamada’s pipeline. There have been potholes on the road due to leakage in the pipeline. The department will soon start the construction of this road. The tender process for the construction of NH-218 from Bank Mor to Chandankiyari has been completed. 56 crore is estimated to be spent under the DPR. Its work has been given to Fortune Company of Odisha. NH will give work order to the company in 7-8 days. After that the construction work will start.

The matter has also been raised in the Road Safety Committee
The issue of potholes in the road from Bankmod to Sindri has been raised in the meeting of District Road Safety Committee. Road Safety Committee chairman cum MP PN Singh has raised this matter many times. The district administration has reprimanded the officials of the Road Construction Department regarding this. Instructions were also given to fill the pits. The department has also filled the pits at some places for the sake of food supply. But, the condition of the road did not improve.

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