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This memorable meeting of Surat and Dilip Kumar took place on 14 December 1985.

  • When invited for the fund raising ceremony of SYMG School Building, Tragedy King reached Surat after catching the train.

“Dilip Kumar was a person whom one cannot forget once he met. Whatever they promised, they used to fulfill it. To fulfill his promise, Dilip Sahab along with his wife Saira Banu had taken the Paschim Express to Surat and stayed for two days.

In his first visit to Surat, he left such an impression that till date no one could forget him.” Former mayor of Surat, Kadir Peerdaja, in a conversation with Bhaskar, shared his memories with Dilip Kumar in this way. Dilip Kumar, famous by the name of Tragedy King, came to Surat 36 years ago and did such a thing that people will never forget him.

Thanks to him, such a strong institution was created in the city, which is shaping the future of thousands of children today. This memorable meeting of Surat and Dilip Kumar took place on 14 December 1985. He had come to the fund raising function of Surat Young Muslim Graduate Association (SYMG) school.

He came to Surat due to the initiative of the founder and then chairman of the organization Abdul Rehman Osman Syed and then Surat Mayor Kadir Peerdaza. The special thing is that before this Syed and Peerdaja Dilip Sahab had not met. He went straight to Mumbai and met her.

Dilip sahib met him very intimately and promised him that he would definitely come to Surat to raise funds for the organization. Dilip Kumar kept his promise and reached Surat by Paschim Express with wife Saira Banu and his presence got more funds than expected.

Got ready immediately, got the fund by name

Syed told that we met Dilip Kumar at his residence in Mumbai in 1984 and said that we are doing a function for the fund and wanted to call you. They immediately agreed to come. He asked to make a souvinier first. With his joining, Rs 4-5 lakh was collected in Souvinier.

attend daughter’s wedding

Former Mayor Peerdaza told that in the very first meeting he had a deep connection with Dilip Saheb. He used to congratulate Dilip Sahab every year on his birthday. When he used to go to Mumbai, he used to stay at Dilip Sahab’s bungalow. Dilip Kumar was a very lively person. I invited him to my daughter’s wedding. Dilip sahib promised to come to the wedding and kept that promise too.

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